Self Care Support Program

What does a Self Care Support Program mean to you?













For me it's about meeting you where you are.

It's not about perfection or "getting it right."

It's simply about embracing the healing power of vulnerability, connection to community and trust in the process.

It's about provision of sanctuary and holding a space that is entirely dedicated to your well-being regardless of where you are on your journey.


I struggled for almost 2 years to take care of myself as a PANS mom. As a nurse, meditation and yoga teacher I had all the tools at my fingertips yet I still couldn't get out of my own way to take care of myself.

The anxiety, depression and trauma we endure is real and often paralyzing.

Isolation and overwhelm hold us prisoners.

This program will grant you the permission and freedom to be supported.

If you're looking for a new way to care for yourself in 2022 then this is for YOU!

With you -


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Who is this for?

  • If you're looking for a deeper sense of community and support

  • If you know how to take care of yourself but can't get out of your own way

  • If you're tired of feeling alone and overwhelmed

  • If you feel stuck in your own healing journey

  • If you're ready to make a change to the life you're living

  • If you seek a safe haven where you can talk to other parents on a daily basis through video or audio chat.

  • If you want to meet other parents who just "get it"

Whatever "it" is ... you're not alone and YOU can do this.

*** This program is NOT a substitute for licensed mental health support. It is outside of our scope of practice to offer any medical or psychiatric advice.

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Working from Home

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