About Us

PANS/PANDAS parents turning pain into purpose.

Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

Our Story

In January 2020 our world changed when our son "disappeared." Our once happy and healthy third grader was gone; only to be replaced by frightening behaviors and a personality we did not know. We fought for answers, spent countless hours in hospitals, and collected a cornucopia of diagnoses. We felt we were on an island of our own. 
Feeling so alone; so hopeless we sought someone to hold our hand.
We looked for light in the dark.
We finally found a provider who could help. From that moment on we felt more in control but we were still seeking connection and a community that understood our pain. We craved a space that would help us productively move through the emotional wreckage and provide support for our own mental health as parents.

We needed laughter and joy to have as much room at the table as grief.

What Emily started as a private Facebook group has grown much bigger. Our mission is to improve parent's mental health by making support safe, personalized and accessible. Our vision is a continuum of connection to support parents throughout their child's illness so no parent will ever have to tell their story of being alone.

We are PANS/PANDAS parents turning pain into purpose.

With you -

Emily + Ty

Meet The Founder

Emily is a community builder. As a registered nurse by background she understands the whole health benefits of human connection. Her journey from transplant/organ donation coordinator to bereaved sister to her own personal "breakdown to breakthrough" propelled her towards further service work outside of the traditional healthcare system. Emily currently owns Hot Yoga Cape Cod and founded The PANS Party Project after her son Miles became ill with PANDAS in January 2020. She is married to her husband Ty and together they share a life on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with their two boys, Miles and Will, along with their Bullmastiff "Champ" and their badass cat "Belvita."